Coffee is one of the most important products that people consume around the world. It’s a conversation starter, an energy booster, a morning pick-me-up and an after dinner indulgence.

At Eldorado Coffee Roasters, we know that sustaining coffee’s quality reputation is important. Our founder, Segundo Martin, believes this wholeheartedly, and it shows in his product. It is important to Segundo and the history of the company to bring a family-oriented, hardworking mentality to the coffee market.

Born in Cuba and having spent much of his childhood in the Canary Islands, Segundo Martin had more life experience before the age of twenty than most of us do in our later years. He came to the United States with little and made the most with what he had.

With years of perseverance, different business partners and many market challenges, Segundo Martin pushed and grew the business at a tremendous rate. He has made high quality a legacy for the Eldorado name and has always maintained an honorable and ethical reputation among his pears.

Eldorado Coffee Roasters is also a family business spreading over two generations. As the business expanded he was joined by his wife Amparo, his two sons; Andres and Juan Pablo and his dear nephew Albert. It is a family environment with high dedication and sense of purpose.

Eldorado has always adapted to the marketplace and in these last few years, the coffee market has changed drastically. Eldorado historically had been a wholesale business but in the last 15 years we have been pushing our brand in Retail, Coffee Service and Food Service divisions. It continues to find its way in the marketplace, adapting to all it changes.

The underlying determination of Segundo Martin and his family has persevered over decades to help them emerge as a frontrunner in the coffee industry.