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26+ Coffee Orders Of Famous People

  Interested in trying out the drinks of the stars? If you’re a fan of all things celebrity gossip and life hacks, you’ll love this list of coffee orders of famous people! Note: We don’t know for a fact that these are the favorite drinks of celebrities. We haven’t talked to them directly, but we’ve done some digging. Like you and me, they may have different coffee orders for different moods, but these are some of the staple celeb go-to coffee drinks you may want to try out for yourself. Check out some of the best orders you can try right from the stars’ list! Maybe you’ll fall in love with Kylie Jenner’s order or Miley Cyrus’ vegan coffee option....

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9 Scrumptious Coffee Cocktail Recipes

  Can’t get enough of your morning java—even into the late hours of the night? There’s nothing quite like the delicious blend of aromatic coffee and strong liquor to pair with dessert… or to start a party the right way. If you want to enjoy that delectable coffee taste all night long, it’s time to up your arsenal with coffee cocktail recipes. We’ve gathered together the methods for 9 simple alcoholic coffee drinks that you’ll absolutely adore (if you’re over 21). It’s time to put on your barista and bartender hats on to brew up some delicious concoctions!  Tip: We recommend using decaf coffee for these recipes if you’re using them as a nightcap so the caffeine doesn’t keep you...

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What Are The Effects of Caffeine on Your Sleep?

Is your daily cup of coffee impacting your sleep? It’s possible. Coffee contains caffeine, which has proven impacts on sleep length, quality, and ability to fall asleep.  But you don’t have to give up coffee to get a good night’s sleep. Coffee isn’t the enemy. There are a lot of health and lifestyle benefits that come with drinking coffee. You simply need to understand the potential caffeine effects on your sleep, so you can take the appropriate steps to negate them. In this article, we’re going to go through everything you need to know about how caffeine affects your sleep, and what you can do about it to enjoy quality coffee and quality sleep.  What is caffeine?  Caffeine is a...

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Countries with the Most Obsessed Coffee Drinkers

  There are many myths and rumors surrounding coffee’s origins. Geographically, coffee traces back to Ethiopia's ancient coffee forests. Knowledge about coffee then spread to the Arabian Peninsula; eventually, it took over the globe.  Coffee was first grown and distributed in Yemen, Persia (Iran), Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. These countries enabled coffee’s social status by beginning the first “coffee shops”. In cities all over the Near East, public coffee houses became hubs of activity in the local communities. Here people would meet, catch up, and spend time together socially.  Drinking coffee now has massively impacted global traditions. It has even affected linguistics; we say “let’s grab a coffee” rather than asking for a chat. Interestingly enough, as coffee has traveled...

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