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A Brief History of Cold Brew Coffee 

  It’s been about ten years since the cold brew coffee craze reached our stores and refreshed our summers. Today, small cartons of cold brew coffee are sold in supermarkets and chain stores globally. Although new technologies have developed a more efficient process and a tastier product, crafting cold brew coffee is not a new concept. In fact, cold brew coffee has been around for generations! Before we look into its history, what exactly is cold brew coffee?  The process of making cold brew coffee is unique-- and not to be confused with iced coffee, which is simply regular coffee served over ice. What makes cold brew coffee so delicious is the amount of time it takes to brew. Coarse...

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Countries with the Most Obsessed Coffee Drinkers

  There are many myths and rumors surrounding coffee’s origins. Geographically, coffee traces back to Ethiopia's ancient coffee forests. Knowledge about coffee then spread to the Arabian Peninsula; eventually, it took over the globe.  Coffee was first grown and distributed in Yemen, Persia (Iran), Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. These countries enabled coffee’s social status by beginning the first “coffee shops”. In cities all over the Near East, public coffee houses became hubs of activity in the local communities. Here people would meet, catch up, and spend time together socially.  Drinking coffee now has massively impacted global traditions. It has even affected linguistics; we say “let’s grab a coffee” rather than asking for a chat. Interestingly enough, as coffee has traveled...

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Summer Coffee Trends: More than Just Iced Coffee

  Iced coffee is an easy beverage of choice whenever summer rolls around. It is simple, tastes incredible, and rejuvenates your body and awakens your mind. While iced coffee is an amazing, cooling drink to sip on under the heat of the warm sun, it’s not your only option of coffee for the warmer months of the year. In fact, iced coffee might just be the least exciting drink for the summer. There are so many other drinks to try, so if you are feeling adventurous, keep reading for five of the top summer coffee trends of 2019 that go beyond basic ice coffee. Nitro Cold Brew Cold brew is very similar to iced coffee in the sense that it...

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Coffee Makers for All Lifestyles

  Coffee shops have an appeal like no other, and it is always a treat to pick up a cup of coffee as you make your way to your next destination of the day. Whether you are visiting a local shop while you are away on vacation, or stopping by your neighborhood’s friendly coffee shop where the baristas know your order, there is a familiarity to it all. One of the best parts about having an early morning routine is stopping by your favorite coffee shop and ordering a drink to jumpstart your day. In the same token, leaving the comfort of a cozy home in order to get your first coffee of the day might not be everyone’s preferred...

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