Costadoro Decaf Espresso - Ground, 8.8 oz Can / 1 Case - Eldorado Coffee Roasters
Costadoro Decaf Espresso - Ground, 8.8 oz Can / 1 Case - Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Costadoro Decaf Espresso - Ground, 8.8 oz Can / 1 Case

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  • Delight in these Italian-sourced 100% Arabic beans, blended together to create an irresistible brew.
  • Whether you’re a fan of cappuccino, latte, or straight espresso, this Costadoro blend will help you craft the perfect brew for your taste.
  • The beans are finely ground, aka “macinato,” which is perfect for an at-home espresso machine, drip machine, or stovetop Moka.
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    8.8 oz / 12 8.8oz




    100% Arabica Coffee






Renowned for its coffee products, Italy is known for the creation of the cappuccino, latte, and espresso.

Types of Coffee Blends To Savor 

A coffee blend is when coffee beans from multiple sources are mixed together to create a different and more complex flavor. Blending coffee can be either a commercial strategy to produce more coffee with a decent taste but less expensive. Or, in the case of Eldorado, different types of coffee blends create a specialty mix of tastes to create a uniquely unparalleled flavor variety that’s distinct from other types of single origin. 

There are endless types of coffee blends to try from a variety of roasters. You may get a blend of Arabica beans from Colombia and Central America, for example, to pair dark chocolaty flavors with light fruit essences. Or you might get a holiday blend filled with beans that are specifically cultivated with the warmth of the season in mind.

Most high-quality coffee blends are blended together after roasting. This means that the beans are still separate when they go through the roasting process, and then the beans or grounds are mixed together in the final product. This ensures that the individual flavors of each bean are roasted out, creating distinct and singular flavors from each origin. Then, the roasted beans are ground together, so the natural essences can work to complement one another, like a graceful dance of flavors and savors.