About Us

Our inauguration into the industry came with bringing high quality Colombian coffee to consumers in the tristate area. Today, we carry that same quality standard and offer a wide array of coffees and coffee k cups from all over the world. We attain Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from our sources around the globe and roast them right here in Queens, NY. Whether you want your coffee ground or whole bean or if you’re looking for espresso, we are well equipped to meet your needs. Our professional roasters master our procedures and recipes to ensure consistency. All of our coffee is packaged on site and we guarantee its freshness. Explore our products and indulge in the Eldorado Coffee experience.

Awesome customer service! Great Coffee.

Tammy T.

Great espresso from a Keurig!

D. Fautheree

I never thought it would be possible to enjoy great tasting espresso coffee from a K cup, until I tried this Eldorado Cafe Espresso. It has a smooth, full body flavor that is both aromatic and flavorful. It gave me that much needed kick in the morning to get my day going.

C. Messick

I tried this coffee at a restauraunt and absoulutely loved it. The waitress told me it was Eldorado Coffee and I found the same exact coffee on their site. I have never has such delicious coffee before.

Patricia R.

Great coffee. Not a watery brew like so many others. Rich flavor. I will be buying this product again!

Mo. L

This is my treat when I want something a bit more robust than my everyday coffee; it is stronger but very smooth. They work perfectly in our Keurig also.

Kevin M.

Bold and Flavorful! I Don’t like whimpy coffee. Get you some! This coffee doesn’t taste over processed nor over roasted. I’d rather have quality over quantity and this taste like a happy medium between a mid to strong roast. Definitely an all around coffee when you can’t decide what you want. No disappointment here as it was recommended by a friend. Will definitely buy again.

Gregory Holiday