7 Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

7 Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover in Your Life


Buying gifts isn’t easy…

unless the person you’re shopping for is a coffee lover! Drinking coffee is a universally-loved practice that brings people together across cultures and generations. Whether for a birthday, a holiday, or just a little gift to say “I love you”, coffee-inspired gifts are always a hot hit. 

Feeling inspired? The 7 gifts we’ve listed below will be sure to please the coffee lover in your life!

Coffee beans poured in the bag

1. Coffee 

Give ‘em the good stuff! True coffee fans usually have their favorite brews, but they’re often also eager to test new beans and roasts. A fresh bag of coffee feels like an adventure across the globe. By gifting a bag of coffee, you’re giving your friend a ticket to new tastes, fragrances, and experiences. 

Want to give your friend a coffee that’s unique, different, and high quality? Want to give them coffee that not only tastes incredible, but also is ethical, sustainable, and fair trade? Our coffees are imported from Central and South America, Africa, and Italy—the world’s hubs for the highest quality coffee beans. Our family-owned roastery selects, roasts, and blends beans to perfection, so you get the highest quality cup each and every time. Each region grows their beans at a different altitude, meaning every blend has a unique flavor palate, unlike the others!  

Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting coffee for someone else? We recommend giving a pre-ground (grind) mixture, in case your friend doesn’t have a grinder (see gift #7 on this list). We also recommend a medium or full city roast, as this is the most popular and commonplace roast in America. Check out our admired Nuconcept blend, named because it’s a “new concept” of coffee that tastes absolutely irresistible to everyone and anyone. 

Various colors coffee mugs

2. Mug

Coffee lovers can’t have enough mugs, especially if they drink more than a cup a day. Having an assortment of mugs on hand for any mood keeps the coffee experience exciting (and is helpful if yesterday’s mug is still in the sink). Plus, giving someone a fun or sentimental coffee mug will make them think of you every time they take a sip from it.   

When shopping for a mug, consider two practical aspects. First, the mug should have a sturdy handle, so they don’t burn their hands on the cup. Second, you’ll usually want to confirm that it is made of ceramic; these are sturdy mugs that won’t crack from the heat of coffee. Once you follow those two steps, you can have fun with the design without risking quality!   

Go for something funny, like this prescription coffee mug, or opt for something more sentimental. There are numerous companies that will personalize your mug-- you can even create a design using your own pictures with Shutterfly. If your coffee lover is also a fan of tech, consider getting your recipient a temperature-controlled mug by Ember. The options are endless!

Coffee tumbler white

3. Tumbler  

If your friend already has too many mugs, or if you want to give them a uniquely practical present, gift them with an on-the-go tumbler. A tumbler will keep their hot coffee hot and their iced coffee cold for hours, no matter where their busy day takes them. Your friend will love a quality, decorative tumbler that not only won’t spill but also shows off their spirit. 

Some of the more popular options are the original stainless steel Thermos and the hot-cold Yeti. We recommend a stainless steel tumbler that’s easy to wash and won’t transfer odors or taste from the bottle to the brew or vice versa. 

French press

4. French Press

Another fantastic gift for a coffee lover is a beautiful, unique French press. Even if they already have a French press, they’ll love having another one available for use. You can also purchase specialty French presses that are not only functional, but also stunningly decorative. Gifting a French press also shows that you care about the quality and taste of the coffee your friend consumes, which they’ll appreciate! 

Williams Sonoma is known for carrying many modern and traditional style French presses that make for beautiful gifts! Check out local boutiques and coffee shops near you for French presses as well. 

Moka machine

5. Moka Machine 

The Moka machine is a traditional Italian method for brewing coffee, and the end result is deliciously deep and intense. For the serious coffee lover, this is a great way to introduce them to a new style of brewing that they’ll love exploring. The Moka creates an espresso-style brew that’s smooth, rich, and dark, delighting almost any taste bud it meets. Giving a Moka machine is like opening the door to an authentic Italian café.

Bialetti and Illy are the most popular Moka makers. They carry their traditional designs as well as unique, playful pots that can match your recipient’s style.  

Coffee Grinder

6. Coffee Grinder 

Even the most avid coffee fans may not own a coffee grinder. For many, it feels like a “luxury” to grind your own beans. However, having an at-home grinder instantly opens up the world of coffee. Your friend will be able to buy any coffee they want—whether it’s ground or whole bean—without thinking twice. You’re essentially giving the gift of infinite fresh coffee, since grinding beans right before brewing creates a fresher and crisper cup. 

There are many different grinders out there with varying speeds, grinds, blades, and chambers to consider. Some grinders are great for creating an espresso-fine powder, while others offer a coarser grind for American brews. Some are handheld, and some are electric. Some can brew several cups at once, while others craft one cup at a time. Check out The Wirecutter’s top picks for coffee grinders.

Nonetheless, you really can’t go wrong when you gift a coffee grinder. You’re gifting a new way to experience longtime favorite coffee beans— a treat any coffee lover will adore! 


7. Goodies

What do you get for the friend who has all the coffee supplies they could ever want? It might be time to give them a way to express their love of coffee through other means. Gift a shirt, jewelry, bags, or even socks that emote their love of coffee. Trust us, they’ll absolutely love it!

Some coffee goody examples: 

We especially love this coffee bean ice tray by Fred. Pro-tip: Freeze coffee in the mold and add it to your iced coffee, so you can cool down your cup without diluting the taste! 

Give the Gift of Java 

The best way to show your loved ones you care is by helping them energize and rejuvenate with a fresh, delicious cup of coffee. Plus, coffee actually has incredible health benefits, so you’ll be improving their life and wellness as well! 

Give your friends, family, and spouse the gifts they’ve been looking for. Offer them a voyage around the world with Eldorado coffee. Sourced from the prime coffee plantations, we work with only the best local farms to provide the best product through healthy processes. Roasted at home in New York City and shipped fresh to your door, the recipient of your gift will be stunned by the superior quality of the Eldorado cup. Purchase our coffee here. Gift-giving just got a whole lot easier. 

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