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The Interesting (& Awesome) History of Coffee

Coffee isn’t new to our world. Coffee beer, frappuccinos, and coffee ice cream might be modern developments, but good old fashioned coffee dates back to before the 15th century.  Interested in learning more about this worldwide, historical drink you sip on every day? We’re going to give you a brief history of coffee—with some fascinating facts you can share over an afternoon coffee date with friends and colleagues! Where did coffee start? Although coffee is now found in plantations and homes worldwide, it all originated on the Ethiopian plateau. There are a lot of legends about how coffee was discovered. One tale says an Ethiopian goat herder noticed his goats couldn’t sleep and were wildly energetic after eating coffee berries....

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5 Delectable Coffee Dessert Recipes You’ll Love

We love coffee for breakfast, coffee for lunch, and definitely coffee for dessert! There’s a reason that after-dinner coffee is such a popular treat—It tastes absolutely divine! The unique notes and flavor profiles of different coffees can complement your sweet treats for an irresistible bite (and another bite, and another). Today, we’re going to give you some of our favorite coffee dessert recipes you can make at home, sprinkled with some tips and tricks about how to pair coffee with your favorite sweet treats.  (Don’t worry if you’re not a pro baker. We’ve picked recipes that our staffers make and love, with a focus on whole ingredients, simple processes, and absolutely tasty results.)  1. Tiramisu  When we think of coffee...

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What Are Coffee Beers?

Coffee and beer are two of America’s most beloved beverages. Put them in the same cup, and you have a match made in tastebud heaven. People all over the world, especially in America, are falling in love with the coffee-infused or coffee-flavored beer.  A lot of craft breweries are optimizing on the coffee beer movement. And, in the coffee world? We couldn’t be happier about it! When you’re looking to relax with a delicious stout, but you can’t get enough of the rich coffee flavor, there’s nothing better than a simultaneous sip of both.  In this article, we’ll give you a little info about coffee beers, and we’ll even introduce you to some of our favorites that you can try...

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Coffee And Food Pairings You Need To Try

Coffee goes with everything… But there are some coffee and food pairings that are just too good to resist.  Today, we’re exploring which coffee flavor pairings are the most popular and delicious, so you can enhance your meals with complementary combinations that bring out mouthwatering flavors in both food and drink!    Choosing Your Coffee Each coffee has a unique flavor profile, so it will have its own complimentary food partner. Some coffees are lighter, so they’re better for breakfast, while others are stronger, and might go best with dessert. It also depends on the coffee’s harvest location: Latin American coffees tend to be tangy and bright, while African coffees tend towards more citrus elements.  You don’t need to be...

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How to Make The Perfect Keoke Coffee Recipe

  As the frost whips through the air, nothing sounds better than cozying up with a hot cup of coffee—except maybe a hot cup of coffee with a little bit of booze in it! Keoke coffee is the perfect brew if you’re looking for a nightcap that tastes like dessert and warms like coffee. Keoke Coffee pairs strong coffee flavor with touches of delicious sweet liquors to create an irresistible sip.  The best part about Keoke Coffee is that you can easily make this fancy, scrumptious drink right at home. Our Keoke Coffee recipe is perfect to whip up when you’re reading a book by the fire or entertaining holiday guests.  Learn how to brew up the perfect Keoke Coffee...

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