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The Interesting (& Awesome) History of Coffee

Coffee isn’t new to our world. Coffee beer, frappuccinos, and coffee ice cream might be modern developments, but good old fashioned coffee dates back to before the 15th century.  Interested in learning more about this worldwide, historical drink you sip on every day? We’re going to give you a brief history of coffee—with some fascinating facts you can share over an afternoon coffee date with friends and colleagues! Where did coffee start? Although coffee is now found in plantations and homes worldwide, it all originated on the Ethiopian plateau. There are a lot of legends about how coffee was discovered. One tale says an Ethiopian goat herder noticed his goats couldn’t sleep and were wildly energetic after eating coffee berries....

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How To Keep Your Coffee Fresh

No one can argue that fresh coffee is the best coffee. The fresher your coffee beans, the tastier your cup of coffee will be.  Do you know how to keep your coffee fresh?  In this article, we’re going to give you all the tips and tricks you need to store your coffee from purchase to sip. We’ll teach you about maintaining whole versus ground coffee, storing coffee beans in mason jars, how to keep brewed coffee fresh, and more.  How Long Can You Store Coffee Beans (Whole)? The best way to maintain the longevity of the coffee you purchase is to buy whole coffee beans. Coffee beans stay fresh for longer than ground coffee does, so if you like grinding...

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Ground vs Whole Bean Coffee: What’s The Difference?

You can buy coffee in one of two ways: whole beans or pre-ground. But what’s the difference—and which is better? Does whole bean taste better than ground? Is ground coffee less expensive? Does it matter what you pick? Let’s dive into the differences between ground coffee vs whole bean coffee so you can decide which type of Eldorado bag works best for you.  What is whole bean coffee? When you buy whole bean coffee, you’re buying roasted coffee beans in full. They’re still in bean form. You can’t make coffee with the whole beans, though. After purchase, you need to grind up these beans at home in order to use them for the brewing process.  What is ground coffee and...

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6 Creative DIY Projects Using Coffee

It feels like a waste to throw out perfectly good coffee grounds after brewing. But what can you do with used coffee grounds? And is there anything you can do with those leftover quality coffee cans?  In a recent article, we gave you some uses for reusing coffee grounds around your home, such as making fertilizer to keep your home smelling fresh. Today, we’re going to give you DIY coffee crafts for those awesome creators out there looking to get a little artsy and inventive with leftover coffee grounds and coffee cans.  1. DIY Coffee Scrub Using a body scrub is a great way to exfoliate dead skin and strengthen healthy skin. This DIY coffee scrub helps slough off old...

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5 Delectable Coffee Dessert Recipes You’ll Love

We love coffee for breakfast, coffee for lunch, and definitely coffee for dessert! There’s a reason that after-dinner coffee is such a popular treat—It tastes absolutely divine! The unique notes and flavor profiles of different coffees can complement your sweet treats for an irresistible bite (and another bite, and another). Today, we’re going to give you some of our favorite coffee dessert recipes you can make at home, sprinkled with some tips and tricks about how to pair coffee with your favorite sweet treats.  (Don’t worry if you’re not a pro baker. We’ve picked recipes that our staffers make and love, with a focus on whole ingredients, simple processes, and absolutely tasty results.)  1. Tiramisu  When we think of coffee...

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