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How to Make Filter Coffee South Indian Style

India is one of the many countries that love coffee, and it has a signature coffee drink that people may be unfamiliar with. Knowing how to make filter coffee South Indian style can impress friends and guests, and give you a whole new variation on a beverage you love. Learning how to make filter coffee South Indian style is easy to start, but difficult to perfect. The methods of pouring are a bit different than a traditional pour-over or french press. In this post, you’ll learn the history of the South Indian filter coffee and the technique for making it. We’ll also help debunk some myths that may be keeping you from experimenting with this delicious coffee style. Keep reading...

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What is Colombian Coffee?

When browsing a coffee shop menu or buying a bag of coffee beans off the shelf, it’s important to know what makes each type of coffee special. You might be interested in trying something different, such as Colombian coffee, but hesitate out of uncertainty. It’s time to change that! Colombia is famous for growing some of the best coffee beans in the world; the plants thrive under the shade of banana trees in the tropical climate. Because of Colombia’s high altitude, it also shapes the way the bean grows. While the country produces a crazy amount of coffee, it actually exports a lot of its best beans. While going to Colombia for your next brew is an awesome idea, you...

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Trek Around the Globe: International Style of Coffee 

There are so many countries that love coffee, as it is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Just as with other drinks such as tea or beer, no two countries have identical approaches to coffee. Countries have their own distinct methods for everything: roasting, brewing, and even the coffee shop culture itself. Branching out and trying different coffee styles can give your taste buds a whole new experience. Let’s take a look at some creative coffee cultures that you might not be familiar with. What is Italian Style Coffee? When considering Italian style coffee, you might initially think of dark espressos and bold cappuccinos. Italian coffee culture is a distinct practice, marked more by the daily rituals than by...

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How to Style a Coffee Table 4 Ways

Coffee brings people together around the table in most American living spaces (although some other countries love their coffee even more). From small square end tables to sprawling ovals, coffee tables are recognized not only as standard but also as necessary. Once we’ve purchased the couch or chair, we feel as if we must place a stable surface near it. Many people don’t concern themselves with how to style a coffee table. It is a purposeful piece of furniture that serves to hold drinks, keys, and the occasional cell phone. That being said, coffee tables can-- and should-- be the center point of a room’s design. Figuring out how to style a coffee table requires an understanding of how shape,...

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How to Make Barista Style Coffee at Home

While we could all easily use our instant coffee brewers in our own homes, there is something special about the way your local barista whips up your regular java order just the way you like it.  However, sometimes we want the taste and comfort of our hand-crafted coffee drink from the comfort of our own living rooms (while we are still in our pajamas). Though you may have thought it is only possible to have barista-style coffee when you order at your local shop, it is possible to make it yourself at home.   How to Make Café Style Coffee at Home You know the place-- the cute little café downtown that serves the most delicious coffee. To some, it’s...

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