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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Café Eldorado Decafe Espresso – Ground, 9 oz Brick

Café Eldorado Decafe Espresso – Ground, 9 oz Brick

This blend consists of 100% Arabica beans cultivated from different coffee plantations and regions across Central and South America. We provide our espresso grounds tightly packed into a vacuum-sealed brick to ensure freshness. Keeping the beans snug makes it easier to press them into your espresso machine or pile them into a drip machine, so you can get optimal flavor out of an espresso-fast pull.

Weight: 9oz

Contents: Ground Coffee

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Sources: Central & South America

Roast: Espresso

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How Espresso Ground Coffee Is Roasted and Brewed

Espresso isn’t just a fancy word for small coffee. It’s actually translated to “pressed out” or “expressed” because of the way it’s roasted and brewed. The process of crafting espresso ground coffee is different than your regular cup of java.

First the roast. Espresso grounds require a dark roast, meaning it’s roasted for a longer period of time than lighter roasts of coffee. It’s usually the darkest roast of beans, which brings out a smokier and oilier flavor. This burns off a lot of the acidity, which ends up leaving behind a stronger and smoother taste.   

With regards to brewing, espresso is brewed much faster than regular coffee. That’s because espresso uses finely ground, tightly packed coffee grounds. The water can travel through this fine grind faster, creating a quicker extraction process. The espresso is also put under higher pressure, usually nine bars, which extracts more of the coffee oil. This is where the name “espresso” was born. The hot water is being quickly and forcefully pressed down (es-press-o) through fine coffee grounds to create the extraction.

Despite its speedy process, espresso ground coffee was made to be sipped and enjoyed at a leisurely pace. We know your lifestyle is busy and wild, but don’t forget to stop and savor your Eldorado espresso ground coffee when you get the chance.

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