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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Café Eldorado - K-Cup Single Serve Capsules, 12-pack / 96-pack

Café Eldorado - K-Cup Single Serve Capsules, 12-pack / 96-pack

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Switch From Instant To Single Serve Espresso Pods

We believe in the middle ground between instant and slow drip with our single serve espresso pods. You deserve the best brew with the flavor profile you want in as little time as possible. We know you have a busy life. You drink coffee first thing in the morning, on your way out the door, on your break time, before picking up the kids from school. Everyday coffee needs to be as fast as your life. Even with “casual coffee,” like an after-dinner espresso or a coffee date, you want your coffee brewed quickly so you can get back to life.

That’s why we created our single serve espresso pods. In each pod, you get a complex array of flavors in a dark espresso roast. You don’t have to own an espresso machine or wait for a pull to get that same strong, exciting espresso flavor. Compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0, you simply put the pod in the machine, and you’ll have South American dark espresso in minutes. 

Never sacrifice taste for time and vice versa. You deserve both. And you get both with Café Eldorado’s single serve espresso pods for Keurig. Experience the Eldorado difference…in minutes!  

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