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Colombian Dark Roast - Espresso Grind / Whole Bean, 1lb Bag

Colombian Dark Roast - Espresso Grind / Whole Bean, 1lb Bag

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Arabica vs Robusta Caffeine and Taste

There are two main types of coffee beans grown around the world: Arabica and Robusta. Both beloved and unique in their own ways, the two each have a place in the coffee world. What are the differences between the two?

The biggest difference is their caffeine content. An Arabica vs Robusta caffeine competition shows that Arabica has 1.5% caffeine, while Robusta has 2.7%. Arabica has less caffeine, which makes it the right option for people looking for a jolt of energy without overdoing it on caffeine.

Interestingly, though the caffeine content is lower, Arabica has a higher acidity and contains more lipids (fats and oils). This tends to give it a heartier body, releasing that sweetly bitter coffee flavor we all know and love. The two also have different fragrances.

Arabica tends to be a more popular bean because it’s sweeter and more complex, with notes of chocolate, nuts, caramels, berries, and fruits. Robusta is a full-bodied, earthy flavor that is preferred for darker espresso blends. 

Now that you understand the full story of the Arabica vs Robusta caffeine competition, which do you prefer? 

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