Colombian Excelso - Drip Grind / Whole Bean, 1lb Bag - Eldorado Coffee Roasters
Colombian Excelso - Drip Grind / Whole Bean, 1lb Bag - Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Colombian Coffee Excelso - Drip Grind / Whole Bean, 1lb Bag

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  • Made from 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia’s world-renowned coffee region, a medium roast pulls out the natural coffee flavor.
  • These beans are made for drip coffee, regardless of the drip machine you us
  • Whether you’re looking for a morning wake up call or an afternoon pick-me-up, this 1lb bag will quickly disappear as you guzzle down this delectable Colombian coffee.
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    1 lb.


    Unique chocolatey and nutty taste


    Whole Bean / Drip Grind


    100% Arabica Coffee








Our 100% Arabica Excelso beans from Colombia are roasted mild, giving off a unique chocolatey and nutty taste.

4 Types of Coffee Roasts

One coffee bean could taste 5 different ways, depending on the type of coffee roasts. Roasting brings out the flavor and aroma in the bean, and different roast temperatures craft unique colors and tastes. What are the common types of coffee roasts you’ll want to try out? 

Light roast: A light roast coffee is light brown in color and yields a mild-bodied flavor. It burns just enough of the green coffee bean to produce a floral or fruity coffee essence, which creates a delicate and sweet brew. This is also sometimes referred to as light city, half city, or New England roast. 

Medium roast: A medium roast tends to be the most common type of coffee in America, because it has a slight bitterness we adore about coffee but it’s not too dark or intense. You’ll commonly see this referred to as city, American, or breakfast roast. 

Medium-dark roast: Also called a full city roast, this roast is a darker brown color with a semi-oily surface. This roasts the beans for longer, which produces a sharper aftertaste. 

Dark roast: The dark roast or espresso roast is what you think of when you think “espresso.” It’s nearly black in color with an oily, bitter taste. In opposition to the common misconception, dark roast is actually the least acidic roast. That means it provides a fuller, heavy flavor with a sharp, tangy zest. 

What types of coffee roasts do you prefer?