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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Decafe Excelso - Drip Grind / Whole Bean, 16 oz Bag

Decafe Excelso - Drip Grind / Whole Bean, 16 oz Bag

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The Beauty Of Decaf Excelso Coffee

We don’t have any tolerance for low-quality decaf excelso coffee beans. We believe coffee is only is delicious as where and how it’s grown. That’s why we source from only the best plantations with strict standards for sustainable, ethical labor, and fair trade. 

That’s also why we often source our beans from Colombia. Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, especially known for its high quality of Arabica beans coffee.

“Excelso” refers to the grade of exportable coffee that comes from Colombia. It’s a large bean, but slightly smaller than its Supremo cousin. Excelso is the greatest volume of coffee exported from Colombia regions including Medellin, Ibague, Manizales, Cali, Neiva, Bucaramanga, and Popayan.

The beans have a distinctly citrus flavor with notes of lemon and orange that invigorate the palate. It offers a medium body that’s both light and creamy at the same time. Regardless of brewing, the decaf excelso coffee has a rich acidity that creates a tanginess and sharpness on the tongue. The aftertaste is clean and sweet, again bringing back fruity notes of light citrus. 

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