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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Decafe - Espresso Grind / Whole Bean, 16 oz Bag

Decafe - Espresso Grind / Whole Bean, 16 oz Bag

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The After-Dinner Treat: Colombian Excelso Coffee

Coffee is one of the best pairings with decadent chocolate and fruit desserts. It’s become the way to extend the social gathering for more fun and excitement, while also winding down the night with friendship and warmth. There’s nothing more soothing or inviting than enjoying a warm coffee with loved ones after a deliciously filling meal. 

But you also don’t want to be up all night because of your after-dinner treat. That’s where our decaf Colombian excelso coffee espresso comes in. We remove the caffeine that keeps you awake, while retaining that same rich and indulgent espresso flavor. With Colombian excelso coffee, you get that tangy bite of traditional Italian espresso with the sweetness and delicateness of a Colombian roast. This combination offers a luscious sip best enjoyed black, even for those who don’t typically enjoy their coffee straight. The soft flavor notes pair elegantly to create a dessert-worthy palate. 

If you’re hosting an event at your place, we always recommend having decaf Colombian excelso coffee on hand. Not only will your guests will absolutely adore the rich flavors, but the bag will fill your home with a sensational aroma that will leave your friends and family begging for a cup. 

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