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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Cafe Eldorado Espresso - 9oz Brick 12-Pack

Cafe Eldorado Espresso - 9oz Brick 12-Pack

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Experience The Best Ground Coffee For Espresso 

How do you take your coffee? Are you a fan of the smooth, creamy, and bold flavor of espresso? Well, choosing the best ground coffee for espresso will get you closer to your ideal cup. 

That’s why we created Café Eldorado – the best ground coffee for espresso. You’re looking for the traditional flavors of Italian espresso with the modern twist of sweet chocolate and nuttiness. That’s why we created the distinctive Café Eldorado espresso. Our coffee sommeliers were on the same mission. They were eager to unlock a new sort of taste profile that had all the spunk and smoothness of a dark roast with the fruit and chocolate notes often found in lighter roasts.   

In fact, it was this quest that brought us to Central and South America. Plantations with high elevations in subtropical climates tend to harvest the best beans, so that’s where we started our search. We fell in love with the family atmosphere on a lot of these farms, where coffee has been coursing through their veins for generations. We walked the fields with them, learned how they cultivate, and are confident that this is where the best ground coffee for espresso is made.

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