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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Café Eldorado Espresso – Ground, 9 oz Can Decaf

Café Eldorado Espresso – Ground, 9 oz Can Decaf

The Café Eldorado espresso is a dark roast intensity that crafts a rich, bold flavor. Crafted from a blend of Arabica beans from Central and South America, you’ll get a complex array of fruity notes with bitter undertones that will delight the palate. Our decaffeinated version is popular for those who want to enjoy the bold flavors of espresso without a jolt of caffeine—perfect to pair with chocolate dessert or to enjoy as an evening treat.

Weight: 9 oz.

Contents: Ground Coffee

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Sources: Central & South America

Roast: Espresso

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Arabica Beans Coffee 101 

Arabica beans coffee is the most popular type of around in the world, comprising about 60% of global coffee consumption. These beans come from the Coffea Arabica plant, which originated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. In the 7th century, the beans were brought from Ethiopia to lower Arabia, where Arab scholars began making coffee to study longer and later into the night. From there, coffee traveled at the speed of light around the world! 

Arabica beans are a fragile coffee bean that requires a specific temperature, humidity, and elevation. They’re best grown in subtropical climates at an altitude above 1,900 feet. The beans don’t ripen all at the same time, so they’re best when picked by hand. That’s why Eldorado only works with family-owned farms who believe in cultivating our Arabica beans coffee with care and tenderness.  

Arabica beans are grown around the world, but the best beans are typically produced in Central and South America and Africa. Eldorado sources our Arabica beans not only from farms ideal for growing beans but also from those with fair trade and ethical business practices. Arabica beans coffee is one of the top agricultural products of the world, and it’s our mission to make it as sustainable and healthy as possible. 

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