Eldorado Premium Coffee - Ground, 10 oz Can - Eldorado Coffee Roasters
Eldorado Premium Coffee - Ground, 10 oz Can - Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Eldorado Coffee Premium Blend Coffee - Ground, 10 oz Can

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  • Eldorado’s house blend has been around since our company’s founding, persisting for generations with rich flavors and full-bodied aroma.
  • These premium coffee beans are sourced from family owned and operated farms in Central America and Colombia.
  • With a full city roast intensity, you’ll love the subtle yet rich flavors that come from the greatest coffee regions (and beans) on the planet
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    10 oz.


    Ground Coffee


    100% Arabica Coffee


    Central America & Colombia


    Full City



ORIGIN: Central America & Colombia

A blend of carefully selected beans from Central and South America. This unique blend of coffees brings out distinct characteristics that are sure to impress.

Why Drink Premium Ground Coffee Vs Whole Beans

Does it matter if you buy your coffee pre-ground or do you need to grind your coffee at home? Ultimately, the choice comes down to preference, but we’ll give you the scoop (of coffee beans) below. 

Premium ground coffee tends to be a more popular route. The coffee company will take the coffee beans, grind it into a fine powder, and package it. You simply scoop your ground coffee directly into your drip system for a quicker coffee making process. Ground coffee is a good option if you use drip brewers, like a manual pour over or standard coffeemaker. 

Whole bean coffee requires a little more work. You’ll likely need to buy your own grinder, so you can grind the beans at home before brewing. Some commercial storefronts will grind beans for you if you purchase them in-house. Freshly ground coffee tends to taste fresher and have a more complex flavor palate than ground, though a lot of people can’t tell the difference. Whole bean coffee tends to stay fresh longer, so you may opt for this if you don’t drink the same coffee every day.

Try our house premium ground coffee for a combo of convenience and quality, or go for whole beans to create your own coffee experience.