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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Flavored Coffee Pods, 16 Count

Flavored Coffee Pods, 16 Count

We’ve curated a collection of popular flavors that have become instant fan-favorites among Eldorado loyalists. Select from hazelnut, decaf hazelnut, French vanilla, Swiss chocolate almond, and chocolate raspberry for the flavor that suits your taste. The natural flavoring is added during the roasting and blending process in our roastery in New York before delivered right to your doorstep—and poured directly into your steaming cup!

Weight: N/A

Contents: 16 count per box, 96 count per case

Ingredients: Variety

Sources: Variety

Roast: Variety

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Taste Profiles of Our Flavored Coffee Pods 

Not sure which flavored coffee pod will suit your taste buds? Try them all! Below we give you the flavor profiles of some of the most popular coffee flavors you can buy in Eldorado pods. 

Hazelnut: Hazelnut is one of the most popular flavors for coffees and desserts due to its sweet, buttery, and tender taste. The body is sweet with a gently acidic aftertaste that creates a savory cup. Its nutty aroma blends gorgeously with the bold fragrance of coffee beans to create an irresistible brew. Hazelnut is so loved by our customers that we’ve made it in decaf as well! Tip – Add a little chocolate syrup or milk for a decadent dessert drink any time of day. 

French Vanilla: French vanilla is more than just vanilla-flavored coffee pod. It is a nod to the custard dessert that is customarily paired with French coffee. This flavor blend of vanilla, cream, sugar, and egg yolks creates a rich and smooth coffee with a luscious fragrance. Both nutty and sweet, this coffee is perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Swiss Chocolate Almond: This cup will instantly whisk you away to the Swiss Alps with snow-topped mountains and delectable delicacies. Get the flavors of a warm hot chocolate kissed with soft almond and bold coffee. If “mocha” is one of your go-to drinks, you’ll be obsessed with the Swiss chocolate almond flavor.  

Chocolate Raspberry: Indulge in this velvety brew with smooth body and medium acidity. The chocolate brings out the natural undertones of the bean, while raspberry adds a fruity flavor that makes it a popular flavored coffee pod. Coffee fans love drinking chocolate raspberry as an after-dinner treat or alongside their favorite red wines.

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