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Havanero - Espresso - Whole Bean, 2lb Bag

Havanero - Espresso - Whole Bean, 2lb Bag

Havanero espresso is made for the coffee drinker looking for bold flavor with sweet undertones. Consists of 2lbs of 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, made on sustainable and ethical family-owned farms. Cuban espresso is a great way to enjoy the flavor of high-quality beans alongside the saccharine flavors of premium sugar and cream.

Weight: 2lb

Contents: Whole Bean

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Sources: Central & South America

Roast: Espresso Roast

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What Is An Espresso Roast? 

Espresso is a beloved coffee style due to its intense aroma, powerful flavor, and burst of energy. Espresso is a concentrated extract of coffee, usually between six and ten times more concentrated than a regular filter brew. Some people prefer an espresso shot for a fast jolt of flavor and caffeine, while others use espresso as a flavoring for blended milk drinks like lattes and macchiatos. Espresso roast is so dark that some people find it too intense without milk or other flavors. 

An espresso roast specifically is the roast of green coffee for the purpose of creating “coffee extract.” Espresso can be challenging to make because you’re brewing fast and furious (about 20-40 seconds), which can leave the brew too acidic if not executed properly. You’re brewing at the highest possible temperature, so you don’t want to leave it going for too long or it will burn. The roasted beans are usually black with very heavy oils to help offset this sort of brewing process.

An espresso roast is the right choice for your morning brew if you like your coffee strong with the Cuban add-ins of caramelized sugars and creamy milk.  

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