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Havanero - Espresso Pods, 120 Count

Havanero - Espresso Pods, 120 Count

Havanero espresso is made for the coffee drinker looking for bold flavor with sweet undertones. Consists of 120 ESE pods of 100% Arabica bean espresso from Central and South America, made on sustainable and ethical family-owned farms. Cuban espresso is a great way to enjoy the flavor of high-quality beans alongside the saccharine flavors of premium sugar and cream.

Weight: 7.2 g

Contents: ESE Pod

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Sources: Central & South America

Roast: Espresso Roast

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The Best Espresso Coffee Brand In Cuban Style 

If you haven’t yet tried Cuban espresso, now is the time! “Café Cubano” is a type of espresso that originated in Cuba, but its bold, beloved flavor has traveled across the globe. Give Havernero a try, and you'll soon understand why we think it is the best espresso coffee brand for Cuban espresso.

Traditional Cuban style espresso is made with a darker roast, similar to an Italian pull. The difference is that sugar, usually natural brown sugar, is poured directly into the pot or cup that the espresso drips down into. While the espresso drips, the heat has a chemical reaction with the sugars, which creates a sweeter and smoother flavor than adding sugar after the cup has been brewed. It’s usually finished off with a creamy foam called espuma or espumita, which is mixed in  immediately after the espresso has poured.

Eldorado’s Havanero is a unique bag of whole bean coffee, because we focus on the roasting and brewing process of the Cuban cup. Havanero is the best espresso coffee brand if you’re looking for that Cuban tradition without needing the know-how of preparing the cup. We roast and blend in the Cubano style, so you don’t have to worry about how you prepare the rest of the cup. Experience the Cuban coffee custom, but you can get as creative and unique with your own cup at home. 


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