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Nuconcept Blend - Drip Grind / Whole Bean, 16 oz Bag

Nuconcept Blend - Drip Grind / Whole Bean, 16 oz Bag

One pound of this Nuconcept blend just won’t be enough! With hand-selected specialty coffee beans from homegrown farms in Central America and Colombia, this bag offers a hearty aroma to fill your home along with mellow, relaxed flavors to fill your cup. This gourmet blend is produced with 100% Arabica coffee, plucked from some of the rarest coffee geographies in the world. The blend is called Nuconcept because it’s a fresh, new concept when it comes to an innovative combination of premium coffee beans.

Weight: 1 lb.

Contents: Whole Bean / Drip Grind

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Sources: Central America & Colombia

Roast: Full City

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How To Choose The Best Coffee Blend 

Coffee blends can either be a beautiful symphony of quality flavors…or an unfortunate mix of mediocre beans thrown together. So how do you choose the best coffee blend for your palette?

  1. Read the label. You want to look at which beans are actually in the blend and why. Take a look to see if the different beans are in your typical preferred palette. 
  1. Consider the brand. Some commercial companies use blends as a way to bump up their production quantity without sacrificing price, so you could end up with a lower quality product. Blends from smaller, specialty coffee companies tend to use premium beans with handpicked flavor collections. 
  1. Ask someone who knows! If you’re not sure which is the best coffee blend for you, ask a sommelier or barista who can share with you the subtleties of different combos. They’ll ask you what kinds of coffee intensities and roasts you like, and they’ll offer some great suggestions for relevant brands to try out! Want some info? Contact Eldorado for support.

Our coffee sommeliers have tried and tested the combination of beans to ensure the best coffee blend. Choose Nuconcept, the coffee blend that sings a harmony of flavors from the first sip to the last. 

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