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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Premium Coffee Pods, 16 Count

Premium Coffee Pods, 16 Count

Our noteworthy premium coffee pods include both single-origin brews as well as beloved fusions from different regions across the globe. We especially source from Central and South America, Africa, and Italy, giving you only the most superior cultivation of beans for your cup. Whether you’re looking for a subtle breakfast blend to wake you up, a decadent decaf to end your night, or a dark French roast to get you through the day, you’ll want to store these coffee pods anywhere there’s hot water and a mug.

Weight: N/A

Contents: 16 count per box, 96 count per case

Ingredients: Variety

Sources: Worldwide

Roast: Variety

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Treat Yourself To Luxury With Premium Coffee Pods 

Is there a difference between premium coffee pods and that average stuff you can get anywhere? That’s like asking if there’s a difference between a sports car and a skateboard. Premium coffee pods have become one of the only ways true coffee lovers will take their brew. Coffee quality is critical to maintaining both the health and taste of your favorite drink. That’s why Eldorado Coffee Roasters was founded. We know that coffee is a part of our daily lives, and it’s an experience shared around the world. 

Eldorado is a family-owned company, working with family-owned farms and roasteries, to bring only the highest quality beans into your home. We maintain a firm mission of sustainable, ethical, fair-trade practices that mean your coffee is doing good while tasting good. We source Arabica and Robusta beans from around the globe and then roast them right here in Queens, NY, where we guarantee freshness and quality with each tested batch. Our hands-on process and dedication to a premium product has facilitated our legacy and reputation for providing exceptional coffee at an accessible price.

Try our premium coffee pods and taste the difference!

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