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Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Specialty Coffee Pods, 16 Count

Specialty Coffee Pods, 16 Count

Our assortment of specialty Arabica coffee is handpicked from local, family-owned farms across the globe. The purchase of this assortment provides 25 unique flavors to try out, handing you a ticket to a month of exploration around the world. Packaged in easy-to-use coffee pods, you’ll be instantly transported somewhere exotic in just minutes through delectable flavors, fragrant aromas, and a coffee experience you can’t simply describe.

Weight: N/A

Contents: 16 count per box, 96 count per case

Ingredients: Variety

Sources: Variety

Roast: Variety

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Best Tips For How To Use Coffee Pods

Our specialty coffee pods are a fan favorite because they’re so quick and convenient. Whether you’re an avid coffee pod machine user or you’re still skeptical about this modern brew, we’re here to give you some special tips and tricks on how to use coffee pods to acquire the best flavor and aroma. 

1. Want a stronger flavor than your machine offers? Consider a double brew. Brew on the lowest volume setting (usually 4 oz) with one pod. When round one is finished, put in a second pod and brew again on the lowest setting in the same cup. 

2. Cut the acidity with a pinch of salt. Some coffee fans avoid using coffee pods because it creates a slightly more acidic or bitter flavor than other brew methods.

3. Clean your coffee machine weekly. The best way to clean the coffee pod machine is to fill the chamber with a half vinegar + half water solution. Keep brewing until the water basin runs out. To remove the vinegar, fill the basin with plain water and brew through again. 

We hope this provides some helpful insight on how to use coffee pods. Enjoy!

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